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Our gloves are fashioned from Natural USA Deer skin and Elk skin leather. Remarkably strong and durable, yet soft and flexible material. You will notice color variations and natural grain etchings and scratches in the leather. This means that its own "Natural Beauty" is preserved in the tanning process. When you order, you are getting the highest quality Natural USA Deer skin and Elk skin leather gloves that money can buy.

The Deer skin Advantage ...

This leather is extremely strong, yet soft and flexible. Cyclist tell us, deer skin gloves just do the best job of insulating against the cold wind.

Why Deer skin Is The Best Choice for Comfort and Durability ...

Unlike cowhide gloves, Deer skin gloves and mittens have stretch width-wise and very little stretch length-wise. That means a snug fitting glove that will expand with your hand when you make a fist or grip something, but the fingers won't stretch or become floppy. The physical properties of deer skin leather is different than other types of hide. It's elongated interwoven fibers give it an extremely high strength and abrasion resistance. The spaces between the fibers make the leather soft and comfortable over a wide range of temperatures. In other words, cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather. No other hide has these properties!

Don't Try This With Cowhide Gloves! ...

Whenever deer skin gets soiled, it can be hand-washed. Deer skin will not shrink when wet, and stays soft after drying! You can't do that with any other leather.


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Glove Size Chart
Glove Size Chart